Beard Oil
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Beard Oil

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Easily absorbed, kills bacteria, keeps acne at bay, while hydrating the skin and keeping the hair soft and glossy.



1 month growth: 3-4 drops

1-3 month growth: 4-6 drops

3-12 month growth: 6-10 drops

12+ months growth: 10+ drops


For itchy skin under stubble or post shave - massage a couple of drops into the skin day & night 

For Beards- put a few drops into your hands and rub together, apply throughout your beard and cheeks. Finish by brushing the beard so that it is neatly groomed.

Apply in the morning, after your shower, for a soft, shiny beard and again just before going to sleep to get the conditioning benefits overnight.

30g net e

For external use only - avoid direct eye contact - not for application on the mucous membranes or on broken skin - if irritation occurs discontinue use.