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Our Shower Steamers are packed with Essential Oils to make shower time a luxurious Aromatherapy experience.

Available in 7 scents, each with their own purpose depending on your needs for the day. Each One will last 2-3 showers.

Directions: Remove from the wrapper and place your Steamer into the organza bag provided. wet the Shower Steamer until it starts to fizz then hang the bag below nose level.

The stunning Aromatherapy Aroma will be carried by the steam throughout your shower to create a Spa-like Experience every day. The Steamer will re-set once dried ready for the next use. 

Choose from:
Happy (Sweet Orange Oil)

Sleepy (Lavender Flower Oil)

Energise (Lemon & Lime Oils)

Decongest (Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oils)

Wake Up (Lemon & Peppermint Oils)

Calm Down/Anxiety Relief (Tea Tree Oil)

70g e net

Use within 12 months

Also available in a gift box with 6 steamers included.